Planning Toolkit

From national institutions to iconic Canberra landscapes and regional vistas, we have you covered with a range of Canberra backgrounds that will make your Zoom audience wish they were in the nation’s capital!

All you need to know about what to do in Canberra.

Embed a video into your website, play it on screen during a meeting or use it at preceding events to stimulate interest in Canberra.

Promote your event with beautiful images of Canberra and region.

Guides and brochures to help you plan your event or distribute to delegates.

All the facts about Canberra in an accessible format that can be shared on your conference website, in promotional material and delegate welcome packs.

Links to more information on Canberra, what’s on, attractions and events calendar

The parliamentary sitting calendar is released in November each year. Once the calendar is released the dates still may be subject to change during the term.